People have so many excuses for why they don’t think they need health insurance. They’re young or healthy or too poor-so they think, “Why bother?” Sadly for them, health insurance is one of the most important things in our lives, and it costs much more than money to not have it.

The Money

Not having insurance is a major gamble that you will eventually lose. You may think that you’re saving a good deal by not spending it on health insurance, but every doctor’s visit and prescription is a loss against your gain. The stakes are much higher than that, though. Every day, you have to dodge major illness and physical trauma or you’ll lose big. A cold gone wrong or an accident caused by an uninsured driver can put you in the loser’s circle by throwing you into major medical debt. The worst of it is that your now crushing debt would only be a small fraction of itself if you had the insurance company waiting to take care of the bill. If you need Expat Health Insurance, you also can visit

Your Health

People without health insurance end up having negative effects on their overall health, mostly because they either believe that they do not need medical assistance or they believe the cost is not worth it. Routine screenings and appointments fall to the wayside when a person is paying out of pocket. Even important things like prenatal tests and maintenance of chronic conditions are proven to significantly reduce when a patient pays for them on their own. When uninsured patients do actually go in for testing and maintenance of diseases, they often do not do so on their doctor’s recommended schedule, which leads to a delayed response to any issue that might arise.

Your Life

The problem with all of the poor health that accompanies a lack of health insurance is that it can affect both the quality and length of your life. Being sick frequently genuinely makes your life a less-than-pleasant experience and can cause you to miss out on work, costing you money, and can cause you to miss out on the fun and important events of your life. Sadly, missing out on money and rewarding experiences isn’t the only thing the uninsured miss out on. They also miss out on years of their natural lives. Research has shown that uninsured people have shorter lives than those who use health insurance.