Cyber security is arguably one of the most important things in cyber security, Additionally, cyberattacks seem to be far more common than they ever have been. The reason for this is that several businesses are reliant on technology and use it to store private and confidential information.

Businesses are aware that cyberattacks occur however, they are unaware of how they can avoid them. This is one of the reasons why they are so vulnerable.

Why Is Cyber Security Important?

Companies rely on the cloud and computer systems. How reliant they are on the cloud and certain computer systems, leaving them vulnerable to a cyberattack. Moreover, some companies can only work with technology and the internet, so being a victim of a cyberattack can be costly. Once you store information on the cloud, it is out there in the world when hackers will be able to gain access to it.

No matter how small your company is, you must have some cyber awareness for your business. A cyber security service can cover you in certain areas and sometimes prevent cybercrimes. Furthermore, if a cyberattack does happen, you need a cyber incident response team to deal with the issues and recover any of the data that has been restored.

With the rise of cyber attacks, the GDPR (General data protection regulation) requested that all nations report any data breaches that occur and requested that the data of individuals are anonymous.

It isn’t just Europe that is enforcing this rule. The United States and Canada are telling companies to do the same. Due to the events, the National Institute of Standards and Technology released its structure of cyber security to assist organisations in improving their cybersecurity.

What Is The Reason For Cybercrime Rising?

Data theft is one of the most common cyber crimes in the 21st century. One of the main reasons for this is that people will have simple passwords that are easy to obtain. Moreover, there will be phishing techniques used to obtain somebody else’s password.

Another reason for being vulnerable is the lack of knowledge. Many organisations believe they will not be targeted because of the size of their company. However, this is not the case. Cyber attackers will more likely target small organisations because they know that they are vulnerable.

How To Keep Your Company Protected

There are two main things you need to ensure to keep your company protected.

Protect Private & Confidential Information

Spending money on cyber security is essential because of how advanced cyber attackers are now. Furthermore, if any data is leaked and not dealt with, it can cause a lot more damage than the initial attack. 

Educate Your Staff

In 2019, the reason behind 90% of cyber crimes is because of human error. Human error is usually down to the fault of the company because they have not trained their employees about the cyber risks that they face.


There are plenty of ways to ensure a business is protected from a cyber attack. The best thing to ensure is having a cyber incident response team to ensure they deal with any cyber attacks that occur.