Surely you ‘ve heard about eyelash extension right? This method is said to be able to make your eyelashes more natural and tapering. Let’s take a look!

Within the time, the world of beauty is adapting to the modernization, eyelash extensions Bondi is one of the best alternative choices for those who are busy but still want to look beautiful. 

What is an eyelash extension? What’s the difference with fake eyelashes? 

Eyelash Extension?

In accordance with its name, the treatment is intended to make the eyelashes lengthier, denser and more tapering by using the extension method. The trick is to attach the artificial eyelashes one by one on the real eyelashes using special eyelash extension adhesive so that the eyelashes will look more tapering and natural.       

Length of Installation

The process of installation is relatively long, approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. This because the extension needs to be attached carefully one by one in order to get the maximum and natural result. The extension is even smoother compared to ordinary fake eyelashes which sometimes seem like just plastics.   

Eyelash Extension Durability

After the installation is complete, it takes time 24 to 48 hours for the glue to perfectly cling. Therefore, it is recommended to keep water out of eye areas during a specified time. 

For those who wear contact lenses, no need to worry. The extension has no side effects.   

After 1-2 days as recommended, you can do your daily activities, but avoid rubbing the eyes and reduce exposure of water to the extension to ensure the durability.

One thing that is out of the question is pinning the extension. It is already flicked so that any pinning is no longer required. The extension can last up to 2.5 weeks to 1 month. The more you care for it, the more durable it will be.

Many are hesitant to try extension in fear of losing the real eyelashes. This is certainly not true. The extension will be off by itself without disrupting the real eyelashes.

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