Knowing the right outfit to wear for an interview can be a daunting task and you need to ensure that you have got it right to have a chance of getting the job you are going for.

Do Some Research About The Company And Ask What You Should Wear If Unsure

If the company that you have been offered an interview at is within the creative sector such as marketing and film and television the general work attire may be more lax than most workplaces. Depending on the company this ethos may even spread down to what they expect prospective candidates to wear during their interview, it is possible that they may be happy with you wearing casual formal attire instead of donning the full suit and tie. They may say that they are happy for you to come to a smart jumper instead. But you must obtain this information in good time before your interview. You should ensure that you get a second opinion on your interview outfit before you attend the interview; as your interview may look too much like men’s streetwear, meaning it is not formal enough.

Once you have an idea of what they expect you can also look at photos on the company’s social media and website to get a sense of what their employees wear to the office, this may give you a further idea of what to wear. However, if the interview is coming up imminently and you haven’t had the chance to ask the company what you should wear, you should stick with a shirt and tie, paired with formal trousers and sensible shoes.

Wash Your Interview Outfit Before Attending The Interview

Make sure you have put your interview outfit in the wash before you attend your interview, this will ensure that your outfit looks its best and is free of pet hair or stains. You should also look carefully at your outfit to see if there are any noticeable holes or tears in your outfit that may give the wrong impression about you.

Avoid Strong Cologne/Aftershave

There is nothing wrong with spraying a little bit of cologne or aftershave as it may give you a good first impression in the eyes of your interviewer and improve your confidence at the same time. However, the problem arises when you use too much cologne or aftershave or use a product that is too strong and overpowering. Your interviewer may be uncomfortable being in the same room with you for an extended period if you smell too strongly of cologne or aftershave and it may even mean they cut the interview short.

Research The Companies Tattoo Policy

If you have any tattoos that can be easily covered up you should ensure that you look at the company tattoo policy and ensure that if you have any tattoos they are covered up at least during the interview. If you are offered the job you should keep your tattoos covered as much as possible in the workplace unless the company’s tattoo policy states otherwise.


Once the interview is over and you are back home you are free to throw back on your men’s full tracksuits, relax and find an enjoyable activity to help you stop overthinking your interview.