Ecommerce is more important than ever before, so if you haven’t been paying close attention to your strategies, it’s certainly time that you start to. We’re here with three simple things you can do to improve the ecommerce side of your business, all of which can be done by you in house and don’t need to be addressed by a web developer. So, let’s get started and help you to improve your website!

Provide Advanced Product Filtering

The first thing you should be doing is offering advanced product filtering. Gone are the days when basic product filtering is sufficient, but instead you need to anticipate the needs of your customers to establish what it is they are likely to want to break down your products into and then provide the service they need to easily find what they’re looking for. So, you would make sure that you have a great “Sort” feature, including recommended products, price low to high, price high to low, new in, etc. Then, make sure to have a price range, colour, category of product, style, brand if applicable, bodyfit, size, sleeve length, material type, etc. The more options you can offer, the better, as if people want to use them, they can! For example, if someone is looking in the bodycon dresses category, but specifically wants a midi dress that is pink with long sleeves, they’ll be able to quickly find something suitable. This can transform shopping for people and encourage them to purchase, plus there are really simple apps or plugins you can install on your CMS to make this process simple.

Offer More Payment Options

Another thing that you should do is offer more payment options. It’s very frustrating for many users if the only payment option is debit or credit card, and this is actually sometimes enough to put people off a purchase completely. So, a very simple solution to increase the amount of people who go from adding to cart to making a purchase is to expand on the payment options that you offer. You should allow your customers to pay with debit or credit card, with PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, and then also options like Klarna and Clearpay which push people to make the purchase if they are able to pay later. For more expensive options, like wedding guest dresses, having this option could significantly increase your conversion rate.

Think Carefully About Free Shipping

Last but not least, you need to think carefully about free shipping. This is a great way to push people to spend more with you, as many people would much rather spend an extra £20 to get free shipping than have to spend £5 on the shipping. So, say your average order value is currently £80, we would recommend pushing your free delivery threshold to £100. This could drive people to spend that bit more with you, without you actually having to do anymore work.

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